Millionaire property developers are breaking the law in New Jersey—and getting away with it. By illegally claiming full-time construction workers are independent contractors, they’re cheating workers out of benefits like health care, and by paying below minimum wage and establishing illegal work weeks, they’re committing wage theft. They often pay workers off the books, cheating New Jersey out of millions in tax revenue, all in order to further line their own already rich pockets.

Unfortunately, this developer crime happens daily, throughout the state, and in plain sight. This illegal model of worker abuse and tax fraud has become very much the standard in the industry. If New Jersey wants to have an economy that works for all, state government must step forward and crack down on this abuse of working people and taxpayers at the hands of millionaires.

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Level the Playing Field

Level the Playing Field is an initiative that BAC/ADC NJ will be supporting along with NJ 101.5 Radio.

Spots will be aired on the station in regular intervals that will help us get out the message.

Please Read the Stockton Report and Executive Summary on the underground economy:


Stockton Report


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Pro-Worker Legislation

Pro-Worker Legislation

The following is legislation pending in New Jersey that would strengthen our position and help Level the Playing Field. Please keep yourself informed and support the elected officials who support us:


A108(DeAngelo)/S2557(Madden)- concerns the Commissioner of Labors ability to issue Stop Work orders on construction projects when prevailing wage is violated.

A1852(Lampitt)/S392(Madden)- increases the penalties for violation of state prevailing wage laws. Responsible Contractor- this bill is not assigned a number yet. If passed, it would require Department of Labor certified apprentice training programs to bid on public work.


There is additional legislation being developed that would require the use of a “Clerk of the Works” on all prevailing wage jobs. This person would be responsible for verifying the identity of every individual on the construction site. This is a tool not used in over 30 years!


Work Place Fairness – workplacefairness.org
Workplace Fairness is the most comprehensive resource online for free information about workers’ rights.

Fair treatment of workers is sound public policy and good business practice, and access to information about workers’ rights is an essential ingredient in any fair workplace.


Center for Immigration Studies

Motivations to Hire Alien Workers by David North – Hint, It’s Not A Labor Shortage!
It centers around the reasons that employers are willing to take shortcuts and use the undocumented status as leverage for their bottom line profit.

Wikipedia- Economic Impact of Illegal Immigrants in the United States
“Illegal immigrants are only a drain on government when they are incapable of paying taxes”.
…”estimates $113 billion per year of federal, state and local tax dollars….”

Examiner.com Article www.examiner.com
The Undocumented Construction Worker : Employer Abuses Stephen Walker


Federation for American Immigrant Reform – www.fairus.org
“The fiscal burden of illegal immigrants on US taxpayers”. (2013)

“It is just unfair to law-abiding, taxpaying American citizens”

* NYTimes.com- “Way North of the Border”. Susan Marner.
“If a non-union laborer can make $15/hour, why does an undocumented worker make $9/hour?”

Contact Your State Legislator

regarding the underground economy in the construction industry in New Jersey.


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Thanks for getting involved and let’s work together to put an end to these unfair practices.

The BACNJ has led the charge for the last 10 years to fight the exploitation of workers in New Jerseys construction industry. We have provided academic studies documenting the abuse and cost to New Jersey’s taxpayers. We have worked with the Governor, the legislature, and the Commissioner of Labor to bring criminals to justice! * when employees are misclassified as contractors, we all suffer * when employers pay off the books, we all suffer * when employers commit insurance fraud, we all suffer. All we demand is a level playing field. The laws are in place. We need ENFORCEMENT! Educate yourself on material we have provided and then call your state representative and demand action. Enforce New Jersey’s laws now!

Are you an elected official?

Take the pledge to protect workers and create a level playing field.


We, the undersigned, pledge to stand with the International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers of New Jersey on the following issues:

  • We believe the New Jersey’s construction industry has made it impossible for legitimate, taxpaying employers to compete, as developers and contractors utilizing criminal business models that abuse workers and cheat taxpayers have become the preferred operating method, and we will support all efforts by the Commissioner of Labor to combat this illegal and inhumane approach;
  • We will support the recommendations of the Governor Murphy’s Task Force on Employee Misclassification, which is addressing the criminal exploitation of construction workers on public and privately funded projects throughout the state of New Jersey;
  • We will support Prevailing Wage laws and the enforcement of all Prevailing Wage laws by the Commissioner of Labor
  • We will oppose any and all efforts to repeal or weaken Prevailing Wage laws;
  • We will support the use of Project Labor Agreements where appropriate; and
  • We will support Responsible Contractor language that promotes apprenticeship training and meets U.S. Department of Labor standards for graduation.

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